Here’s the Process

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How We Work With You

Our goal is for customers to be able to jump in and get their hands dirty at any time.  Some people will take the Yarden Garden School’s workshop, a four day class on Yarden Design. It will give them the nuts and bolts of doing it all themselves.

Others will take our Broad Outline Design and want to do all the plant selection themselves.  These are generally people that, by January, have stacks and stacks of seed and nursery catalogs in their home.   There are many people, however, that do not or cannot take on a big landscaping project personally. These customers are why we offer a design/build service with some of the best contractors in the region.

A whole property design update can be expensive, even if you do all the work and grow all the plants yourself.  We can work with customers to “stage” their Yarden Plan over a period of months or years. This allows them to spread projects out to fit their pocketbook.

The First Step Where I listen to your dreams

Before Yarden Design Works begins planning your Yarden we spend time with you to explore how you will use your Yarden and how much time you want to spend maintaining it. Consultation includes walking your property with you, getting site measurements, documenting existing plantings with photos and digging into what your priorities might be for your Yarden.  This is a very critical part of the process. Otherwise we would just be designing a Yarden that we loved, and not build the design the Yarden of YOUR dreams.

Yarden Design Works will provide you with the broad outline design that will include location of plants, beds, hedges and pathways, but not identify specific plants.  We do this because we have discovered that many of our clients are experienced gardeners who love digging through nursery and seed catalogs.


  • Interview with customers for their vision of their garden
  • Broad outline of a new plan with footpaths, garden beds and tree plantings

Once we agree with a broad outline design, the design work begins.

Next Step: Detailed Planting Design  

This is a detailed plan of placement of specific plants to go in each bed gives a plant summary. This design will also include lighting plans, and special garden accents and garden art.


  • Drawings of new Plan, including water features, hardscaping, lighting, drip irrigation systems, walkways, garden accents and structures.
  • Quotations from our valued list of contractors and wholesalers to complete the job.
  • Project Management timelines and completion dates, if applicable.
  • Yarden Design Works billing and payment schedule.

Installation and Site Management

Yarden Design Works has formed associations with some of the best landscape contractors in the region.  It is a young and very talented group of entrepreneurs who learned their crafts from elders and enthusiastically push the boundaries of their work to deliver a great job every time.  They also work to Yarden Design Works standards of quality. However, whether you choose our contractors or some of your own, our Site Management will keep you and contractors on the same page.


  • Daily report on work completed.
  • Weekly expense and payments report.
  • Problem resolution with sub-contractors.
  • Hard Copies of any Change Orders.
  • Final accounting and billings.


Optional Services

Garden Sitting and Maintenance Services (for customers only.)   As a special service to our clients, we will provide care for your Yarden on a short-term or regular basis.  “Mow and Blow” services rarely have the knowledge or motivation to tackle perennial bed care.  Their business model is based on speed and mowing as many lawns in a day as possible. That’s reasonable. They do a good job at what they do. We don’t mow yards, but we will be happy to maintain your garden and perineal borders.  

Garden Coaching   There are some logical reasons for being coached.  Basically, it is a check-in to get help with your garden challenges.  It will also build your confidence for the gardens ahead. And, two heads are better than one.

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