What We Believe

Yarden Design Works seeks to delight and surprise our customers with gardens that will give them respite and nourishment.

We are founded on the belief that a business should give back to the community at large. Some call it a “Triple Bottom Line” company. For us, that means We place equal weight on people, the planet and profit. We pay our craftspeople and laborers a living wage. We support local non-profits and environmental initiatives. And, like any company, we want to make a profit. But we want to do it ethically, with total transparency and for work we are proud to create.

Starting on January 1st, Yarden Design Works will donate five percent of our gross profit to Kentucky Heartwood.

Kentucky Heartwood (http://www.kyheartwood.org) seeks to protect and restore the integrity, stability, and beauty of Kentucky’s native forests and biotic communities through research, education, advocacy, and community engagement.

Specifically, we will support their work to save the hemlock forests of eastern Kentucky. “Hope for Hemlocks” is a project of Kentucky Heartwood to save the Eastern hemlock (Tsuga canadensis), a tree of enormous ecological importance and breathtaking beauty. Hemlocks in the east, including Kentucky, are being decimated by an invasive insect, the hemlock woolly algid (Adelges tsugae). Thousands of acres of hemlock forests on public and private land have already been destroyed. We hope to change that through our support of this organization.

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