About Us

Yardening is not a “style,” of garden, but rather an approach that you can make your own.

Your Yarden integrates trees, shrubs, perennials, and food producing plants to create a space of beauty and functional use.

Organic methods and practices are used to create a Yarden that is continually
improving your landscape, soil, and use year after year.

While there are some plant triage exceptions, Yarden Design Works will not use
chemical fertilizers, or chemical pest or weed control products in your Yarden.


Pesticides are intentionally toxic substances. Herbicides and fungicides make
up a chemical warehouse for the average landscape, full of heavy metals and toxic
chemicals. Human exposure to these biocides has been linked to many diseases and
conditions. It doesn’t do much for pets, either.

Lawns and garden beds can be beautiful without chemicals. Some people tell me that they can’t maintain a beautiful lawn without their chemicals.

I love to watch those people’s expressions when they see the results of organic methods.

What We Do With You in Mind

As we have mentioned before, a Yarden is not a garden “style” but a combination of philosophy and practices.

More importantly, if I design according to my vision of what your garden should be, I have designed something I love, but have failed to interpret your vision. I have spent years designing my own Yarden, and I like it just fine. Rather, the time I spend listening to what you want to your space to look and feel like, the more successfully I will assure that the Yarden you get is what you want.

I can design any type of Yarden you might prefer, whether that is a water garden or a bed intended to attract pollinators such as butterflies, bees, or pollinators.

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